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The Terms and Conditions detailed on this page alongside the Cookie and Privacy Policy (and any other sub policies which may fall within the scope of these umbrella documents – collectively referred to as ‘T&Cs’) together uphold the basis of order, supply and engagement with all of our goods, products and services (collectively herein referred to as ‘products’) via the engagement of our website ( and/or outside the online platform (such as the face-face seminars and mock tests). Throughout the documents the terms ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ refers to Dewett Pharmacademy Ltd – company registration number 10958942 with The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales, UK, 12th September 2017. The Terms and Conditions and Cookie and Privacy Policy are all available to view and print, at your convenience, from the links provided on the website homepage.


We urge and recommend that the Terms and Conditions alongside the full set of policies be read carefully and understood prior purchase of any products from our website. They should also be printed and retained for your own reference as we do not provide a paper hardcopy in order to minimise environmental strain. The collective T&Cs supersede any prior agreements with you, whether verbal or written, and your full agreement to all aspects of the T&Cs act as an acknowledgment of its content and therefore you will not have a claim to any misinterpretation of information. Use of our website and products acts as awareness of, agreement of and compliance with our T&Cs (disclaimers inclusive) and so if you are not in agreement to these please do not continue to access and/or use our website.


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Our website and products have been developed specifically for pre-registration pharmacists in the United Kingdom (i.e. who have satisfactorily obtained a Masters in Pharmacy (MPharm) and who are currently in their pre-registration training); therefore, the nature and content of all products are specific to this sector and age restricted. Please understand that purchase of and further engagement with any of our products acts as a legal consumer confirmation of meeting the age requirements of being at least eighteen (18) years of age and being able to enter binding contracts with capacity.


The company Dewett Pharmacademy Ltd offers seminar conferences, mock tests under examination conditions, and subscription to an online portal of practice examination styled questions; besides this a register of interest is also maintained in order to gather the relevant data for optimising seminar/mock booking quantities and location. These are all products available for purchase through our website and are subjective to disclaimers (website and products inclusive) whether offered/delivered through the online website or seminar/mock face-face events. We do not offer any warranties for any of our products and are not subjective to any other conditions/warranties.


We do not represent nor replace the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) pre-registration examination syllabus in any way, form or manner. The responsibility for maintaining an up to date understanding of the syllabus and examination/registration requirements and specifications is solely your responsibility.


It is recommended you develop and prepare for your GPhC registration assessment on your own accord and do not solely rely on our material. Our products and course content are to be used as a revision aid only supplementary to your own learning and training.


We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the final outcome of your GPhC pharmacy registration assessment. We have no obligation to make any reparations (monetary or otherwise), compensation or reimbursement to you or anyone else affected by the outcome of your examination.


We do not provide any accreditations or qualifications through our program and engagement with our products. We do not declare, assess or accredit any competency of knowledge/practice through the engagement of and/or completion of our course/program/content/products/website for any individual, client or consumer. Competencies and continued professional development (CPD) is the sole responsibility and judgement/assessment of the pre-registration trainee and their respective tutor. Therefore, any competency sign-off for a pre-registration trainee against their competency measures (as set out by the GPhC or RPS) is not subjective to any form of engagement with us. Improvement/development of skills and competencies of a pre-registration trainee should be demonstrated to and assessed by the trainee tutor in line with their tutor-trainee agreement – we have no engagement, influence or involvement with this. Your own personal reflection of your strengths and weakness which you may have identified through the engagement of our products and course content can be used for CPD on your own accord. We do not provide any First Aid Training and do not provide any certification of it. Our products are not developed to complete the pre-registration competency criteria, but are rather to be used as supplementary revision aid to help prepare you for the exam.


We do not exclude the liability of death or personal injury due to negligence from us, liability of any fraud and liability of anything which cannot be excluded by law. However, to the fullest extent permitted by law, we do not accept any liability of personal or business loss (including but not limited to income, revenue, profits, savings, data, business opportunity), whether direct or indirect, due to the use, inability to use or misuse of our website, products, materials and information. This is applicable where permitted to the fullest extent by English law to all our content delivery platforms i.e. including but not limited to verbal, written, face-face seminars/mock-test events and online. The exclusion of liability (in line with law) will be under all circumstances, including negligence, whether in contract, statutory duty breach, or otherwise arising from or in connection with the contract. We will not be liable for any interruption, delay or failure in the delivery of any products or services arising due to events outside our control. We will take ‘reasonable measures’ wherever possible to check that venues are compliant with health and safety regulations/risk assessments at seminar and mock-test conference rooms; however, maintenance of this is the sole responsibility and legal obligation of the hosting venue and not us.


Clinical guidelines and medicines information is always updating and changing, so we cannot guarantee that our content will be up to date. Therefore, our product content does not act as a reference source, clinical guideline or decision making tool when dealing with clinical decision making situations across the span of your engagement with patients/customers/colleagues etc. The content in all our products, website and that delivered via seminars/mock-test events are for information purposes only. It is not representative of any form of advice and you must not base your clinical decisions on the information in our content. You use the information, course content, website and any other products or materials we offer/display at your own risk and liability. For these reasons you should not take any actions, give advice, make recommendations, suggestions, sales, treatment plans, decisions, care plans etc entirely or exclusively based on our content. Maintaining up to date knowledge and providing accurate, clinically safe/appropriate advice and decisions is entirely your responsibility/liability. In situations arising from your negligence as a healthcare professional (and any related aftermath such as damage, loss, injuries, costs etc.) we will not be liable.


The website, products and all related content is exclusively for the private personal, non-commercial use of the purchasing individual only and must not be used illegally. If you are purchasing any of our products on behalf of another individual you have full authority and consent to do so from that individual but engagement and use of our products will be solely for that authorising individual only. Any part of the content must not be duplicated, replicated, distributed, modified, amended, shared, printed (unless available for that feature by the purchasing individual only), print-screened (including mobile or tablet screen-shot) with intent to share, photocopied, transmitted, made available to public/other potential clients or used for business and commercial use. Non-compliance with any of our terms can result in removal/termination of your access to our products and its content. Any illegal activity, copyright infringement, provision of false/inaccurate information and details, misuse or malicious activity (including but not limited to unauthorised access, intentional introduction of viruses to the website and reverse engineering the website) which would be considered a criminal offence will be reported along with identity disclosure to law enforcement authorities. We are not liable for any loss of business, business sales/income/profits/savings/goodwill/business opportunities.


You agree that the information you provide us with is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and it is your responsibility to keep it up to date. It is your responsibility to keep your login information, account information, passwords and personal details safe and secure at all times. You shall not share your login information with another person for them to use the website and products (this will be classified as unauthorised access/fraudulent behaviour and will be treated as described above). We will not be liable for any losses occurring from unauthorised access to your account. It is your responsibility to inform us should you believe your login details have been compromised.


The purchase of our products and all content within it are not available for peer-sharing, re-sale, re-production, re-distribution for business/commercial use nor for use by multiple pre-registration pharmacists (whether shared by an individual or used by a company/organisation/training provider). The price plan and resulting product provision is for the sole purpose and use of the purchasing individual only. If it is found that our content and products are being shared or used without direct subscription/payment to us then we will take the appropriate lawful actions against this. If it is found that you are a business/company or any individual acting under the instruction of any such entity and knowingly purchase our products to further share it then we will take the appropriate lawful actions against this. As a pre-registration pharmacist this type of misconduct could question your fitness to practice; legal actions or proceedings can include reporting and identity disclosure to the relevant law enforcement authorities; you may be liable for copyright infringement, loss of earnings and any other damages to business caused by your actions. We reserve the right to terminate your account and stop your access to the website.


If you are a company/organisation/pharmacy or training provider that is interested in the purchase of our products (i.e. for further use by multiple pre-registration pharmacists or for business or commercial use) then you can contact us directly via email and we can arrange a quotation and price plan in accordance to your number of clients and duration of use. Further considerations we may look into can include (but not limited to) your reason of interest, conflict of interest and its implications, length and extent of use, copyright infringements, Intellectual Property considerations and potential purchase of rights.


It is your responsibility to maintain online security (use of an antivirus software is recommended) as we do cannot guarantee our website is/will be free from viruses at all times. It is your responsibility to maintain internet connection in order to access the website. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance to our Terms and Conditions by anyone accessing our website through your internet provision. We do not guarantee that you will not experience any interruptions, disturbances or delays in accessing our website. It is your responsibility to configure/maintain your computer settings and information technology.


We may provide links, hyperlinks and hypertext-links to other third-party websites or suggest to use and refer to content available on other third-party websites. Your engagement with those websites are subjective to their terms and conditions and policies; we accept no responsibility for any of the content, data and material on them. We are not responsible for the way in which any of your data is handled on those third party websites (such as cookies etc.) and accept no liability for any circumstances which may arise between you and the third party websites. We have provided the links or suggestions to aid your understanding/development when engaging with our content and included them for convenience. We do not endorse any of these linked third party websites in any manner.


Wherever possible and applicable the reference sources used to compile our course content and material have been included. These apply to (but are not limited to) the use of information from relevant clinical guidelines such as National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the British Thoracic Society (BTS), the British National Formulary (BNF and BNFC), relevant drug Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) and drug Summary Product Characteristic (SPCs) from the electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC), relevant responding to symptoms over the counter intelligence sources, Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC), NHS Choices and relevant World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. The information extracted from any such reference sources is purely an attempt at maintaining clinical relevance to our original content, and is for the convenience to aid pre-registration pharmacist revision and development through the engagement with our website/products/content. There is no intent/attempt at plagiarising or breaching copyright infringements whilst developing our content.


We reserve the right to update and change our website and any content on it at any given time without any prior notice. This may result in the website becoming unavailable for any given amount of time. The website, our products and any content across them may be out of date at any given time. Whilst we have attempted to take all reasonable measures of care in the development and display of the content on our website (third party information inclusive), all such content is provided ‘as is’ and no warranty or representation is given to its accuracy and appropriateness. Online prereg training.