Online pharmacist training.
“Having been a pre-reg student only a few months ago, I felt so stressed with juggling my time between work, travel, revision and searching for the best resources. Cluttered information alongside the pressure of my last final jump between Pharmacy and me was all very challenging. Do you feel the same way? Don’t know where to start and buried under too much information? …well Dewett PharmAcademy is your complete revision package, built for your perfect journey from start to finish.”



“As a pre-reg I felt some events I attended were extortionately priced and offered no real clinical revision but were rather presentations on background exam structure. I would have preferred to attend seminars where I would actually learn drug profiles, clinical therapeutics, OTC interactions, calculations and legislations; thus inspiring the development of an affordable yet whole complete revision program. Dewett PharmAcademy offers exactly that…we offer what I felt I needed when I was in your position.”


Online pharmacist training.

Dewett PharmAcademy Ltd was founded by two recently qualified pharmacists, Sanjay and Reema (registered in 2015 and 2017 respectively), with a vision to develop a confidence instilling, integrated program believed to truly support the development journey of a pre-reg. We offer face-face revision seminars, mock tests and a bank of over a thousand online questions all developed to improve your pharmacy knowledge and practice, exam technique and time management. Our aim is to provide these applicable components of your registration exam all in one place for your convenience. Having been in your very position not long back, we feel well situated to supplement your growth in the forever evolving world of pharmacy.


“Best wishes for your pre-registration exam and pharmacy career ahead”


Co-directors Sanjay Dewett and Reema Dewett

Dewett PharmAcademy Ltd – 2018

Online pharmacist training.